Staccato Notes :||

Once is a post, twice is a reprise, and if I do it three times, it's a series, right? After the last Staccato Notes, I felt it was a good way for quick delivery on a few topics, so here it is again.

-At the top of the sports news cycle this week, Jason Collins, currently an NBA free agent, came out on his own terms to Sports Illustrated, becoming the first active openly gay athlete in one of the four major American sports.
-This is so far-flung that I can't link to anything more credible than a tweet, but the latest realignment rumor mill has USF and Central Florida to the Big 12. Right. And if I entertain it for half a second, I find myself a little conflicted. Moving back into a power conference should be a no-brainer, but there's something to be said for USF regularly appearing in NC, PA, and MD as a member of the American.
-Marching Roundtable spoke with representatives at DCI about the new initiatives SoundSport and Drumline Battle. It was evident both that they're probably on the verge of something cool and that they're making it up as the go along.

-The ACC's looking at taking the gridiron game across the pond. You know, because London's been clamoring for that Georgia Tech-Wake Forest matchup.
-The new stadium in Atlanta, affectionately nicknamed the Stankonia Dome by SBNation's resident ATLiens, is taking shape through concept designs.
-By the time I post this, my own UMBC Retrievers will be facing off against conference-leading Albany for the America East crown and the NCAA Tournament bid up at Stony Brook.
-The Kentucky Derby has a black jockey for the first time in 12 years, and Harlem is celebrating.
-The SEC has released some of the details surrounding their network, and its 100% ESPN ownership is giving Big Ten and Pac-12 fans something at which to look down their nose.

-And last but far, FAR from least: Yale women's lacrosse has selected its team captain for 2013-14. It's my cousin. Congratulations, Adrienne!