The American Way

Sam Eagle, our conference mascot.
The remaining football faction of the splintered Big East announced today that it will rebrand itself as the American Athletic Conference.

Make no mistake, no matter what name had come forth, the Twitterverse would've been prepared to clown it. I can't pretend I didn't get my shots in. But in all honesty, it's a solid choice. It's safe, simple, and self-evident. It doesn't write any checks the future can't cash; there's no geography (save for simply America, and I'm reasonably certain the conference can keep its membership in the confines of two continents), no numbers, and it doesn't even get into self-aggrandizement with "big". It might as well be called the Conference Conference. The conference has already stated that their preferred branding will be The American, not the AAC (despite the pleas for #AACtion), meaning that All-Conference players will automatically become All-Americans.

The comparisons will - and have - come to Conference USA. It's actually fitting; most of the conference membership spent time there. As the new conference rises from the ashes, it's not quite  as big, it's not quite east, but it's All American.