Staccato Notes

There's a longer post coming soon, but with a few pieces of interesting news, I figured I'd give you a few short notes.

-The ACC presidents have signed a grant of rights that will keep the conference together and in the belief of many stop realignment for the time being, or at least until someone decides they want to snag a school from the American.
-I think rumors of halted realignment are greatly exaggerated. We're still not too far removed from  Appalachian State and Georgia Southern joining the Sun Belt, or rumors of Davidson to the A-10, which would further rock the Southern Conference, perhaps the only conference that's historically been more gutted than the Big East.
-The College Football Playoff has a name! It's... the College Football Playoff. In addition to its eponymity, it's actually a bit insulting to the two other divisions and one other Division I subdivision, which, you know, have had a college football playoff for some time now.
-Speaking of the playoff, Brett "Sources" McMurphy has stated that Cowboys Stadium as the site of the first championship game is official and will be announced tomorrow.
-The ACC has released its 2013-14 basketball schedule. As some had postulated, College Park won't host Duke or UNC in its final year in the ACC as punishment for bailing. This means that Duke's last trip to College Park ended in a victory for the good guys.
-Speaking of the Rough Draft, their game vs. UMBC got postponed earlier this year due to weather. There are no signs it's being rescheduled.
-Major League Lacrosse will be airing 15 games live via their YouTube channel this season. Further detail on its significance in a later post.
-WGI has ended its season, crowning both its guard and percussion champions.
-And finally: Who knew I hailed from a pair of cricket powerhouses? UMBC bested USF in the college cricket national championship.