2013 ACC Tournament Twitrospective

My first twitrospective came two years ago as a way to share the tweets generated from attending the ACC men's basketball tournament. The tourney's back in Greensboro, and once again I made my way over to the Coliseum. I was content to hang out in the atmosphere, but I figured I wouldn't mind going in, if I could get tickets for less than $5. Perhaps a tall order, but the first session in particular featured three out-of-state teams, one of which was conference outlier Boston College. Tickets were as low as 95 cents on StubHub, so I figured $5 wasn't unreasonable, and sure enough, I found someone to take me up on the offer, so in I went.

Enough with the greets, let's get to the tweets!

I parked on the street so as not to pay the Coliseum for parking. No friction from the city, but apparently the nearest resident wasn't too pleased:
Duly noted.
I said this tongue-in-cheek, given the large screen broadcasting the games taking place immediately behind me, but of course there was a reason. The pep bands.
Next year's conference makeup and tournament will look a good deal different.
If you aren't familiar, Red Panda is an acrobat who rides a giant unicycle and kicks bowls up onto her head. This description doesn't give it justice.
Wait a minute...
Actually, it was a red vest, yellow shirt, and MD flag croakies, but I like my version better.
I know if you're a beat writer for a team that's not playing, you have no reason to be there, but empty seats on media row mirrored the ones in the arena. Maybe they need a spot for a pep band blogger...

Gearing up for game 2...
It's true. The VT game I went to was over winter break and the pep band was nowhere to be found.
An interjection from a fellow Bull on the Big East Tournament up in the Garden:
It's true. The place came alive when State took the floor.
Since I got used to using the hashtag...
This may seem like a personal attack, and I'd apologize if it weren't true.
Interestingly enough, there was very little of this, that is, trumpets playing above their paygrade and abilities.
This begins and concludes your actual sports coverage.
Someone sure was.
Red Panda earlier in the session and Quick Change for the nightcap, the day was full of halftime heavy-hitters.
I would love to get to arranging again...
Similarly, NC State, an agricultural school, plays a stylized Old McDonald.
More on Neck in a future post.
Wake has a similar tradition, and it wouldn't surprise me if others did as well.
There it is again.
Don't know if it's a rule, but it makes good sense, instead of both bands clashing at 0.0. The winner earned it.

That's the last live #marchbandness you'll get from me this season, though I'll certainly keep up with the games on TV.