BOTR Game Of The Week: 2012 Week 15

At the Division I FBS level, there is only one game this week. It is this way be design; the rest of the college football community parts the ranks to let arguably the most traditional game the sport has to offer stand alone. It is the Army-Navy game. This year, the Midshipmen and Black Knights meet in Philadelphia, by far the most common site for the game. Once upon a time, having no ties to either institution or branch of service, I likely would have sided with Navy as a Marylander-by-association. With a brother in the Army and a cousin who is a West Point graduate, I'm far more inclined to say Go Army. Of course - and this is often stated but cannot be overstated - the young men on the field of play will be lining up on the same side in defense of this nation following graduation. In that sense, thank you to them all.