The Itch

I'm  a relative Johnny-come-lately to the world of college football. Growing up in an area where it's not big and attending undergrad with no football team, I really first became a fan when I started grad school at USF just under a decade ago. After catching every home game in my two years down there, I've averaged about 1-2 games a season since. Some of it's been USF on the road (and in just one case, USF at home), a couple have been bowl games, some's been FSU with my friend James, and a couple have been games to which I have no direct tie.

The itch is getting stronger.

Some time a few weeks ago, I found myself inexplicably mourning the season's mortality, despite being only about halfway over. When this season's done, I'll catch three games (maybe one more if someone comes through with bowl game tickets for my birthday or Christmas): USF at Temple, SC State at A&T, and the ACC Championship game. James and I are already talking plans for catching FSU as well as going to a game to which neither of us are directly connected. We've talked half-jokingly about hitting a different game each week of the season.

If I had the resources--both time and money--I'd be all over that. Some of my favorite literary escapism is the likes of Clay Travis' Dixieland Delight, Warren St. John's Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, and Adam Goldstein's Tailgate to Heaven, all of which involve spending a season on the road with football. I'd love to do this with a band nerd twist, hitting Band on the Road games each week and catching great football and bands each Saturday. If I had my druthers, each game would involve tailgating but still getting into the stadium early enough to catch everything from pregame to the 5th quarter, when applicable. I don't know how well that book would sell, but I'd sure have a lot of fun writing it.