Realignment Twitrospective

I don't have a chart or graph, but I'm positive there was a spike in my tweets as the latest Big Ten expansion news was coming out. I figured pertinent tweets were worth holding onto for posterity. I'm pretty sure I went through the five stages of grief in the process.

I started back when it was still very much in the rumor phase…

This never materialized.

Shit just got real.

Clearly my ability to properly express a sentiment with words was compromised. How about I go back to the Mason-Dixon nerd angle?


I still think it sounds wrong, but I trust y’all know exactly what I mean.


At least, in light of recent developments, I got this one.

I had to share what I thought were some clever tweets from others as well.

You’ll hear me harp on this one quite a bit. Would you expect anything less?

Except I believe he burned his.

Let’s cut down the Terps a bit, why don’t we?

I hear ya, Eamonn.

GUYS. Someone pat me on the back for this one. That’s the state song I’m paraphrasing there.

Let’s shift to the Rutgers half of the move.

Then I got artistic.

After rumors that UnderArmour’s Kevin Plank had rearranged some finances to the tune of Maryland’s ACC exit fee.

Point. And Counterpoint:

More retweets:

Delany’s statement was instantly hashtaggable.

I keep beating that drum…

Not if I wasn’t there.

Back to Rutgers…

That’ll preach.


I  go into all of this more in the previous post: