High Notes, 2012 Week 8

I was out-of-pocket for much of this weekend--various family things on Saturday and hiking and camping Sunday into Monday--so I didn't catch a whole ton of football live. Luckily, people continue to believe that Amazing Happens Every Saturday, and often have their cameras at the ready.

The state of Ohio is trying to post a monopoly on #AHES, as TBDBITL does it again. Huffington Post shared this past weekend's show, and it was, quite literally, out of this world. Video below.

A couple of things worth noting about this particular show. One is that while I don't know that this was stated or even done intentionally, it's particularly fitting that Ohio State should do an Out of the World show when playing Purdue. After all, the recently departed Neil Armstrong is an alumnus of Purdue University. Secondly, I notice that when entertaining, a lot of things that I'm not a big fan of in marching/athletic music--voiceovers being a big one--can be overlooked, as they certainly helped enhance this show.

One more note about this past weekend, and it makes the "high" notes in a different sense of the word. In some of the action I did catch on Saturday, I quipped prior to halftime that the Marching Chiefs and Band of the Hour were both in the house and the home audience wouldn't see any of it. A friend of mine who works at Miami shared that the Chiefs wouldn't be taking the field. Apparently, FSU didn't include the Chiefs in their ticket allotment, leading to them being relegated to the top 10 rows of Sun Life Stadium. Talk about high!