High Notes, 2012 Week 7

While I include games where only a pep band travels in Band on the Road, I admittedly discount those matchups. I never include them as Games of the Week, and when it comes to looking at any given week's matchups, they're certainly second-class citizens. While this practice makes sense, I do need to keep in mind that a traveling "pep band" is not the same 30-50 member ensemble that plays in the basketball arena. Traveling bands still bring 100 or more, and while they may not take the field, they can still pack a punch in the band.

That was the story this Saturday in Baton Rouge. South Carolina only brought a pep band to LSU, but they put in work in the stands. While the Cocks fell short of the Tigers on the football field, and the diminished Mighty Sound of the Southeast certainly faced an uphill battle against the Golden Band from Tigerland, it was clear that pound for pound, South Carolina brought their A game.