BOTR Game of the Week, Week 8

Week 8 puts up a strong slate of band on the road matchups. Each of the six AQ conferences has at least one travel game, and there are several big regional matchups and long-standing and growing rivalries.

While I already knew the Marching Virginians of Virginia Tech were going on the road this weekend, I  learned via the Twitter of Clemson's Band that Shakes the Southland that the two would be teaming up for a Military Appreciation show. I've mentioned before that I'm not typically a fan of mass bands, save for special occasions, but honoring our military certainly fits the bill. with that in mind, the game of the week, contrary to what Steve Spurrier may believe, will be in Death Valley. It looks like both bands are already hard at work:

Photo courtesy of Clemson's band on Twitter. Follow them @CUTigerBand