BOTR Game of the Week, 2012 Week 9

If you mention college rivalry at all, and certainly college rivalry in the state of Alabama, Auburn and Alabama's Iron Bowl is sure to come up. Without getting into the finer points of the Morrill Land Grant Act, there's another pair of state schools who meet on the gridiron each fall: Alabama State and Alabama A&M in the Magic City Classic in Birmingham.

On the off-chance that you're unfamiliar with HBCU classics, think mid-season bowl games. Some, like Indianapolis' Circle City Classic, invite a new pair of teams each year, while others--Magic City being one of them--are annual rivalry games between two schools. More than simply the game, festivities will typically include a parade, battle of the bands, pep rallies, and all sorts of other related festivities. Simply put, it's more band for your buck, and makes the Magic City Classic perfect for this week's Game of the Week.

And as with many HBCU matchups, the show is not over once the clock hits 0:00. Here's the 5th Quarter from last year's Magic City Classic.