High Notes, 2012 Week 1

There's nothing like opening weekend.

As was probably evident in my posts from last week, I was all to ready for this football season to start. Now that it's upon us, I was able to settle back in and catch quite a few games. The fact that the opening weekend runs from Thursday to the following Monday doesn't hurt either.

This week, Alabama's Million Dollar Band is going wire to wire, identified both in my Game of the Week and now in my high notes. Simply put, as outlined as I demystified the High Notes process, victory plays a role, and the 41 points the Crimson Tide hung on Michigan gave the MDB plenty of opportunity to play. And of course, something that's quickly becoming a ground rule of this blog, despite no particular allegiance to Alabama, nothing beats a Rammer Jammer.

I was recently reminded of a plea I made around this time last year that I'll repeat here as I continue the High Notes column:

This is where I call upon you, the reader: I'm in my second third year of High Notes, and I can foresee the potential of it getting stale. In addition to the football itself, I will gravitate towards bands I like, and I've already laid my biases on the table. This is where you come in. Got a game you think I should be watching? Let me know--via comment, e-mail, tweet, or call to the "Phone Tap" Hotline - 302-364-0926. I'll do my best to watch!