Pray for World Peace

The Los Angeles Laker known as Metta World Peace, né Ron Artest, is in the midst of a seven game suspension for a violent elbow delivered to the head of Oklahoma City's James Harden during a game.

In no way am I excusing what he did. But one thing to remember here is that World Peace has some serious issues he's dealing with. While I won't claim to be his biggest fan (especially not while he's in a Lakers jersey) I do root for him, less so in basketball than in life. World Peace lives with mental illness, and it does indeed color his life and actions. One of my favorite things that he ever did was, upon winning an NBA championship, thank his hood and his psychiatrist. While I don't know that he ever made good on the deal, he even offered to sell his championship ring and give the proceeds to mental health research.

With his most recent action, it's east to see him as "crazy ol' Ron-Ron" who went into the stands in Detroit. True enough, it seems as though he has backslid a bit, and that suspension, if not more, is warranted. But more importantly, I'm rooting that he's well enough that such won't take place again.