80 Minutiae

Hard to believe it's been a full month since the last post over here, but at least in the marching/athletic music spectrum, it's the doldrums for me between the end of college basketball/pep band season and the start of DCI. My apologies to those who follow WGI.

I've been giving more in short form and in other places in the meantime, so I thought I'd drop a friendly reminder that you can  also catch me Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and, of course, the 80 Minutes (Give or Take) podcast. The latter has received a recent update--the college hoops season-ending podcast with Brian Joyce,with whom we previewed the season.

There's now a bit of a feature over on G+: Inspired in part by a statement on how folks use G+ by Jeff Lail, I thought I'd start incorporating short snippets of video where I talk about a specific topic. Think of it as shorter than a blog post, longer than a tweet. No production, just me and the camera on my Macbook.The result? 80 Seconds of Regulation, and most of them are actually right around 80 seconds. Check it out--you don't have to be a G+ user do watch! I figure I'll let that stand on its own two, so I won't be simulcasting anywhere else, but that link should always bring you the latest.