It's a Yes for Wes

Press conference welcoming Coach Wes Miller
Yesterday afternoon, UNCG held a press conference announcing Wes Miller as the new head coach for men's basketball. Miller had served as the program's interim head coach since December, and recently finished the season in the semifinals of the Southern Conference Tournament. After a considerable turnaround that restored honor to the UNCG program (I'm only half exaggerating and Coach of the Year recognition in the SoCon, Miller was announced as the coach, fittingly at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex, where the Spartans play their home games. Many Spartan fans attended, but perhaps the most notable figure in attendance was UNC coach Roy Williams, who coached Miller during his playing days.

Congrats, Wes. From everything I see, this seems to be an outstanding hire. A friend of mine thinks that we may in the future be speaking of him in "we knew him when..." terms. Regardless, as is always the case in coaching, I'm sure there's a thin line between "great hire!" and "that bastard..."