last night, like 99% of the state of North Carolina, I watched the Tar Heels take on the Blue Devils, a fascinating game which was (unfortunately) won by Duke on a last second three by Austin Rivers.

But there was another game going on. In the earlier evening slot, USF played Pitt. Sadly, even knowing that Pitt's having a rough season of late, I made the dangerous assumption that USF was likely to lose. Still, I of course checked the score. told me that Pitt has won, 63-51. I didn't think too much of it and accepted that as truth

This was until later, either in the waning minutes of or immediately after Duke-Carolina. This is when I saw someone mention that Pitt had lost. I went back to the Worldwide Leader, and sure enough it reflected a USF victory over Pitt, 63-51.

What? Was I a bad fan? Had I looked as the score and assumed a USF loss instead of giving my team even a puncher's chance? Was I too wrapped up in one of the biggest rivalries in the country to give more than a glance to my own alma mater?

Turns out, as confirmed by reading over the game's "Conversation", that it was the folks at ESPN who had screwed up and indeed reported the wrong score. It was their screwup, not mine.