B4: 2011 Military Bowl presented by Northrup Grumman - Toledo vs. Air Force

Big Band Bowl Battle (B4) Disclaimer: Whenever possible, I tried to post band videos on equal footing; that is, amateur vs. amateur, professional vs. professional, pregame vs. pregame, halftime vs. halftime, and so on. I am, of course, limited to that which is available on YouTube. While I can appreciate if I selected a video that doesn't portray your band in the best light, keep in mind B4 is for entertainment purposes only. Thanks for stopping by!

As the Rocket Marching Band takes on the Flight of Sound, the Air Force Academy's Drum and Bugle Corps, I've got to get the "high flying" pun out of the way up front. With that behind me, I'll admit that it took a bit of research on my part to determine which of the Air Force's ensembles was affiliated with the Academy's football. On a personal note, with this game taking place in DC, I have to wonder if my former pep band director, himself an airman, trumpeter, and former member of the Airmen of Note, will make the trip down from the Baltimore area to attend.


Air Force: