High Notes 2011: Week 9

After a couple of weeks away for various reasons, I was back in front of a screen for a significant portion of Saturday. One of the games I took in was the World's Largest Outdoor [redacted] Party, and from that game comes my High Notes recognition. This is another case of to the victor goes the spoils; both bands were strong, from what I could see, but the University of Georgia, in a winning effort, got more chance to shine, so this week, I'm recognizing UGA's Redcoat Marching Band.

You may have heard me malign the Redcoats before, and true enough, they were my second favorite of the two bands in the venue where I saw them, but to be fair, that venue was the 2005 Outback Bowl, their opponent was Wisconsin, and I've got a strong traditional style bias. Even then, while their marching style bored me when juxtaposed with Wisconsin's stop-at-the-top chair step, they were a force to be reckoned with in the stands. The small snippets (surprisingly more than I was expecting) that we saw of their halftime on CBS led me to believe they were formidable at halftime as well.