High Notes 2011: Week 10

This past weekend was the first in a while where I truly spent an entire Saturday in front of college football, so I think I've got a pretty solid slate to go on. I'm giving the week's recognition to the Badger Band for a stalwart performance as Wisconsin hosted Purdue. With the whooping the Badgers put on the Boilermakers, there were plenty of opportunities for the Badger Band to state their case.

For other band action that caught my eye, you need look no further than the GAME. OF. THE. CENTURY. between LSU and Alabama. While I still shake my head at the fact that for a game of this magnitude, LSU couldn't/didn't bring the whole band, their pep band numbered probably around 100 and was still formidable. On the other side of the field, 100 was probably the number of what seemed like scores and scores of band fronts for Bama. They all seemed to be pretty stereotypically beautiful, and it looked like they had the "instrumentation" I'm most used to: poms, twirlers and silks. And as the game ended with LSU's third successful field goal the members of the Golden Band played All I Do Is Win. I don't know if LSU is one of the bands that has parodied the Rammer Jammer cheer in the past, but I'm not sure they would have gotten out alive from this one.