BOTR Game of the Week, Week 13

Goodbye to texas university
So long to the orange and the white... -Aggie War Hymn, Texas A&M University

Texas fight, Texas fight,
And it's goodbye to A&M... -Texas Fight, the University of Texas

For as long as they've known one another, Texas and Texas A&M have been bidding one another adieu. This week, they're singing it for keeps; following this year, Texas A&M will depart Texas' company in the Big XII for the SEC, and with that move, the 118 year rivalry will fall by the wayside for at least the forseeable future. The two will meet in College Station on Thanksgiving evening.

This was a tough week to call. As so many rivalry game take place at this time of year, this matchup was up against the likes  of the Iron Bowl, the Bayou Classic, and Ohio State-Michigan. Still, I had to put this game forth for its historical significance. Farewell to the Lone Star Showdown.