BOTR Game of the Week: Week 11

This week, there are a few matchups that feature bands that I've already recognized this season, so in the interest of spreading the love, I'm going to take it out west to the same place where College Gameday is today: Oregon at Stanford. While travel in the Pac-12 is relatively thin (outside of USC, who attends every game) this game is one that stood out to me as strategic. Oregon likely expected, correctly, that this game would certainly have implications in the Pac-12 North and potentially in both the conference and national championship pictures.

Full disclosure: I don't entirely get scramble bands like the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band. Maybe it's because most schools who employ them may have been reach schools for me. As you know, it is my primary belief that a marching band should thrill an audience, which scramble bands typically do, but for me, one half of the marching band picture is, of course, the marching. Still, there's something to be said for their humor and irreverance, and they certainly know how to have a good time. And as for Oregon? Well, how many marching bands do you know fully outfitted in Nike?

One more piece that deserves mentioning: Many eyes will be on State College, PA today for reasons that I'm sure are obvious to readers or anyone up on current events. Still, it's worth noting something else that will take place today. Penn State will welcome Nebraska to Beaver Stadium for the first time as a conference foe, and as such they will get the standard salute from the Blue Band, who added to the books this season the Nebraska fight song.