Band on the Road: Midseason(ish) Check-In

The Band on the Road Project, which I began this summer, has been a labor of love for me. I started with scouring the internet for college marching band schedules, and what could very well have been a static document now has an at-least-weekly life,as new game times are announced and as I put out my BOTR Game of the Week posts. All in all, even if no one else is using it, it has been helpful and honestly fun for me to have this resource available.

I was reminded leading into this week why this can be quite the useful tool. Leading into the consensus game of the season, LSU at Alabama, I wondered if anything had changed about the status of band travel. First of all, LSU had never posted their calendar on the band website; I learned of their band's travel plans via Twitter. Knowing that this was the largest game of the season, I didn't know if the travel reported--a pep band--remained accurate. On the one hand, with a game of this magnitude, it would be advantageous to have the entire Golden Band from Tigerland present. On the other, I'm sure the folks at Alabama would have absolutely no trouble selling the seats the additional band members would take up. It took a lot of digging and asking, but I was finally able to confirm that only the LSU pep band will be present. The Band on the Road database contains this information for all who seek it. So while it's far from perfect and only as conclusive as information available allows, I remain committed to the belief that it's a great tool to have out there.