Each of the past couple of years, I've gone to see a Florida State football game when they were in NC. A couple friends of mine are FSU alums, and it's live college football for me, so I consider it win-win. This year--next week, actually--I'm headed out to Winston-Salem as FSU comes to town to play Wake Forest.

While I'm sure I didn't invent the concept (though the internet leads me to believe I coined the term) we're doing things a little different this time around. Instead of traditional tailgating, we'll be fairgating. The Dixie Classic Fair, a prety major regional fair in Northwest North Carolina, is adjacent to BB&T Field, so we figured we would instead take advantage of all sorts of fried goodness available at the fair. It'll actually be a double fair day for me, as my wife and daughter are headed west for us to do the fair following the game as well. Fairgating will be new to me, though I'm sure they do it at the Red River Shootout/Texas State Fair each year. I may miss my standard style though I may still bring the cornhole boards) but I'm looking forward to it!