And now, for something completely different: We're talkin' Baseball?

Actually, I'm only talking baseball to talk about the fact that I don't talk baseball. I always say that I don't care too much about baseball until we're deep into September, and the other night proved to me that even then, it's a hard sell.

I think many would agree that a few nights ago was one of the most drama-filled nights in Major League Baseball, and I was connected to it in multiple ways. In the American League, my team (Red Sox) battled my wife's team (Orioles) for the opportunity to earn either a playoff spot or a chance to play in a tiebreaker game for one. Elsewhere, my archrival (Yankees) played my home team from grad school (Rays) that the Rays may have that same opportunity. In the National League, my hometown team (Phillies) was putting the closest thing to a home team here (Braves) out of commission.

With all of those story lines, surely I would give a damn... but I did not. Sorry, baseball.