High Notes 2011: Weeks 3 and 4

I'm just getting around to posting Week 3's high notes; this past week at UNCG was Homecoming, keeping me plenty busy. I mentioned last time around that I'm a creature of habit as to the games I watch. As such, just knowing that I'd be watching USF's game vs. FAMU, it should come at no surprise to anyone that the Marching 100 get my week 3 recognition. Interestingly enough, I wasn't sure I'd be able to see them. Because it wasn't an HBCU-on-HBCU game, I didn't know if I could expect ESPN to pay their normal band lip service. I did get a text Brian over at Big Blue Homer telling me that he saw and enjoyed FAMU's band, and that he wished they showed bands more often (I told him he was preaching to the choir) but despite watching with rapt attention and even replaying the ESPN3 feed, I didn't see the 100. Maybe the Blue & Gold Marching Machine lobby here in Greensboro had them blacked out? At any rate, luckily the internet had my back.

My recognition for Week 4 is similar to what it was at this time last year. Because I saw very little college football (and that which I did catch was in a restaurant with no sound on) my recognition goes to the one marching band--or rather, band who marched--that I did see: UNCG's Bands of Sparta. The official pep band of UNCG Athletics participated in our Homecoming Parade again this year, their second year on the march with the mobility of field drums acquired last off-season. The Bands of Sparta had an additional treat for us as well--a new fight song! I'm not sure if I had mentioned this here before or not--I try not to bash the employer on the internet--but it had long been a bone of contention for me that UNCG's fight song was that of Northwestern University. The new fight song is distinct enough that it is a Spartan original, yet similar enough that it's still got the same feel of Go U Northwestern and won't give any Spartan fans whiplash adjusting. The rewrite was handled deftly, and I'm told credit is due to Pete Borotto, a senior composition major in UNCG's renowned School of Music, Theatre, & Dance. I'm glad it exists and it was great to see the Bands of Sparta bring it to life!