High Notes 2011: Week 2

I spent most of this past football Saturday over in Winston-Salem, and though I saw folks headed to the NC State-Wake Forest, I didn't attend that game. I was home for the evening games, and gave most of my attention to the USF-Ball State game while keeping an eye on Northwestern State-LSU, Texas-BYU, and of course, Notre Dame-Michigan. The fireworks on the field gave Michigan plenty of opportunities to strike up the band and earn Michigan this week's recognition.

This is where I call upon you, the reader: I'm in my second year of High Notes, and I can foresee the potential of it getting stale. In addition to the football itself, I will gravitate towards bands I like, and I've already laid my biases on the table. This is where you come in. Got a game you think I should be watching? Let me know--via comment, e-mail, tweet, or call to the "Phone Tap" Hotline - 302-364-0926. I'll do my best to watch!