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Saturday, July 30, 2011

In The Lot

Like most drum corps fans, I enjoy spending the time before a show in the lot. For me, in most cases it's been tailgating before the show instead of checking out lot warmups.

I'm headed to Carolina Crown's NightBEAT tomorrow, and a few things are keeping me out of the tailgate lot this time around. One, it is supposed to be God-awful hot, and while I cut my tailgating teeth in Tampa, FL, It's supposed to be pretty brutal, and my usual crew and I are foregoing it this year. That said, since this year's NightBEAT is a Tour of Champions event, there are new things to check out. The pre-show activities start a good deal earlier than the show itself, and I look forward to those, though having seen few thorough accounts of the Tour of Champions concept that didn't come from the league itself, I don't know entirely what to expect.

But this time I will hit the warmup lots, and I expect it should be a great time. After all, TOC events feture eight of the top corps in the activity, so they should be a pleasure to watch. And while I remain a cream team supporter, you all know I stan for Vanguard's cymbals. You know you'll find me over there. In the mean time, I'm watching folks weigh in on DCI Atlanta on Twitter right now. Can't wait!

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