Flying the Flag

A Rita's Water Ice (yes, I'll always call it water ice) just opened here in Greensboro. If you're not familiar, Rita's is a Delaware Valley-based chain that sells water ice, custard, and various combinations thereof. While they're few and far between here, they are ubiquitous back up home. Not surprisingly, bringing one to town brought us all out.

They opened on Saturday, and to date, I've been three days (it's Tuesday, and the day's not yet over). The first day, despite acknowledging it had a dressing-up-for-the-Harry-Potter-premiere feel to it, I intentionally wore a Delaware shirt. I got little more than a knowing glance from the young lady in the Ryan Howard jersey/shirt.

The second day, I again made it a point to represent, this time throwing on a Sixers hat (fact: you're never too far from a piece of Philly sports paraphernalia at my house). It was like a reunion. I exchanged pleasantries with folks from Jersey, Norristown, and Philly, and had a conversation with a guy from South Philly who went to Wilmington High School

Sports--bringing people together.