Strike (up?) The Band

One thing I have looked forward to each bowl season is the showing of at least a portion of each band's halftime show during the BCS games. During the past few years, Fox, who televised most of the BCS, made it a point to show some of each pregame or halftime. That, coupled with the fact that the Rose Bowl has always forced its carrier to show the bands, meant that I would get a legitimate look at all ten BCS bands. Fox's coverage wasn't the best, but it was something. That's all changed, and I'd like to thank--and by thank I mean curse--ESPN.

The Worldwide Leader has the BCS back, and honestly, I was excited by this fact. As far as football coverage is concerned, I trust ESPN more than Fox, who doesn't typically show a single college football game all season. Fox's coverage always left some to be desired, so when the contract changed hands, I was excited. Be careful what you wish for. There was indeed a change in coverage, but it wasn't all good.

When Fox took on the BCS, they made a commitment to show each band. I don't know what their impetus for this was; it could be that this was the way they said to themselves that they weren't showing pro games. It could be that since ESPN had the Rose Bowl, which has always shown bands, Fox felt the need to keep up with the Joneses. Whatever the reason, I loved that it was there. I was hopeful it would continue with ESPN, but it is clear that they are only committed insomuch as the Rose Bowl forces them. Beyond that, they don't give a damn, and that bothers me.

True enough, my sample size thus far is small. So far three BCS bowls have aired; the first is the Rose Bowl. During the Fiesta Bowl there was no band coverage, and while the Orange Bowl has a performer (Goo Goo Dolls this year) do halftime, bands do pregame, which was not shown. I'll know a little more with tonight's Sugar Bowl but I'm not hopeful. It wouldn't surprise me if they show Ohio State's band--ESPN has already shown they have a hard-on for Script Ohio--but if you can't show 'em all, spare me. At least Fox still has the Cotton Bowl; here's hoping they show the Golden Band from Tigerland and the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band.