National Championship Observations

Last night is always one that's bittersweet. One the one hand, it was the culmination of another year of college football, and a champion was crowned. On the other hand, of course, it means we're 233 days away from the next college football games. Auburn, of course, took this year's crown (the cynic in me says: For now.) But a couple other things that were notable takeaways from last night's game:

-In the history of the BCS, this is the first championship game in which neither team represented a school with a shade of red as a color. And no, Auburn's orange is not a shade of red. Scarlet, garnet, crimson, and cardinal, however, are.
-With Auburn winning, pairs of in-state rivals have held consecutive championships in both college football and college basketball: Carolina and Duke in basketball, and Alabama and Auburn in football.
-While Nike's flagship (Oregon) competed in this year's championship game, UnderArmour, in its first foray into the game via the Auburn program, got the win. I've got a strange attachment to UA, perhaps as a Marylander-by-marriage, alum of a Maryland school (I sit here in my UMBC UnderArmour hoodie as we speak) and alum of a UA program at USF.

Well, that's all she wrote this season, folks. Now iI turn my attention to what remains of the NFL season (sans Eagles) and college hoops.