It's Pro Bowl Sunday...

...and I don't give a damn.

It's long been my belief that the Pro Bowl is the most worthless and least watchable of the major sports' all-star games. Here are five reasons why I don't give a damn about the NFL's Pro Bowl

1. It doesn't mean a thing. Admittedly, this is a criticism that could be leveed on any of the all-star games (except the MLB).
2. It defies the nature of the sport. NFL is, by definition, a collision sport. No one's putting their bodies on the line for an exhibition game, and as a result, the game is decidedly soft.
3. The timing. Instead of midseason like most all-star games, the NFL plays theirs at the end of the season. With its current placement between conference championships and the Super Bowl, athletes on the Super Bowl teams don't participate. With its previous placement after the Super Bowl, I had already, reluctantly, resigned myself to the end of football, and an exhibition wasn't going to bring me back.
4. It's in Hawaii. Except last year when it was in Miami. Either way, call me a hater, but I don't need to watch a bunch of millionaires have fun in the sun.
5. The skills competition. In both baseball and basketball, I actually enjoy watching the skills competitions--specifically the home run derby and dunk contest, respectively--more than I do the actual game. What does the NFL have? Wideouts catching balls from jugs and an obstacle course. No thanks.