Branching Out

So folks, I'm branching out a bit in this internet-presence thing. The 80 Minutes of Regulation you all know and love will remain right here, but there are a couple of other places you can find me:

-On Twitter, at @80mins
-On Facebook, 80 Minutes of Regulation
-Podcast - I can actually be found now on the iTunes store; search the podcasts for 80 Minutes. If you want to listen but not commit, check it out here.

Just a final note on the podcast: I pointed you in the direction of the BlogTalkRadio program, and of course you've heard the audio blogs/podcasts I've posted here. This includes both of those and will be the home for any new material.

Thanks for reading/listening!


Brian said…
I'm impressed by your multimedia takeover! How do you like BTR? Or have you moved on to something new by now?
Curtis said…
I like BlogTalkRadio in theory, and have some folks I follow who use it and use it well. For a few reasons (mostly that I'm a bit of an audio snob, and no one is listening live anyway) I'm recording in Garage Band so that I can utilize my microphone and everything instead of a phone. If/when I need to go live, either if I'm working with someone else or at the behest of my throngs of adoring fans, I'll definitely use BTR.