2010 Year In Review

Alright, we're nine days in, but I'm giving you my sports/band year in review for 2010, as I did last year. I figure I'll keep the same categories, which were Live Events, Biggest Surprises, and Looking Forward to in 2011.

Live Events
I got the opportunity to take in quite a few things live this year, and of course there's nothing like being there in person. Here are my tops, in chronological order:

Tour of Fenway Park - This was actually my second time touring the hallowed grounds; I was at a conference in Boston this February, and, like I did four years prior, I took in the tour of Fenway. It's pretty much visiting a museum.

ACC Women's and Men's Basketball Tournaments - Both ACC basketball tournaments were here in Greensboro this year. I've done the women's tourney a few times before; this time around I went with coworkers on Mascot Night. The men's tourney boasts being notoriously difficult ticket, with sales only being done through member institutions, but my friend Josh and I decided we'd take a trip to the parking lot and see what we could see. We were able to get our hands on some tickets for a pretty good price, and we caught a double headed which included the Terps' game--Josh is a UMCP alum, and I, of course, am a part-time fan.

Preakness - This isn't one I think I would have necessarily seen myself doing, but I'm glad I did. As Megan and I were planning to make a trip up to MD to take care of some of the wedding details, it just so happened it was Preakness weekend. At that point I planned to make the Sport of Kings part of the bachelor party festivities. I got in my Derby Day attire (although take note, the Preakness is NOT the Kentucky Derby for all vis-a-vis attire) met up with my brother and cousin, and had a grand ol' time in the infield. It may be a feat I repeat at some point.

Honeymoon - Yes, I had a great honeymoon, but it's typically not the sort of thing that would find its way into this blog. The honeymoon trip had several applicable stops, however; my wife and I took an Alaskan cruise and then a cross country drive from Seattle back to NC. Stops included a tour of Wrigley Field (went nicely with the earlier tour of Fenway) and the pro football and college football Halls of Fame, as well as poking around Camp Randall Stadium in Madison and seeing Touchdown Jesus in South Bend.

Punkin Chunkin - I don't know if this counts as a sporting event, and frankly, I don't care. Megan and I made the trip up to Slower Lower Delaware for the annual fall classic, World Championship Punkin Chunkin. This one's definitely going to be a return trip, and we'll be more up on the tailgating gear next time around as well.

Coach K passes Dean Smith - I spoke about this one here, but despite root again him and an undying hatred of Dook, it was cool to be there as history was made.

Meineke Car Care Bowl - Full account of the Bulls' bowl victory here. Go Bulls! \m/

Biggest Surprises
Three teams in the NCAA soccer tourney - none of these is surprising by itself, as UMBC, UNCG, and USF all fielded decent squads this year, but it was cool from my standpoint to have three teams make the postseason.

USF over Miami - Not unlike last year's victory over FSU, it was no surprise to anyone who was paying attention that this could take place, but the strength of what it means in the state is undeniable. Like last year, the coach lost his job, but unlike with FSU, we have an annual series with Miami. It could happen again, and could even spawn a rivalry.

One win away from 0-for-Fall 2010 - it took until December 30th for either UNCG or UMBC to notch a victory this season. UMBC still holds onto that one, while UNCG remains winless. Again, nothing spectacular independently, but combined? Damn.

Looking Forward to in 2011
The birth of my daughter - Does it tie into my blog? Not exactly, but I can't help but post it as something I'm looking forward to in 2011. At some point I'll get into some of the specific thoughts I've given to raising her with respect her own fandoms and what-not, but I will say that she's already got Eagles, Ravens, and Orioles gear waiting for her.

UMBC lacrosse at UNC - March 5, the Dawgs'll be playing the back half of a home-and-home at Carolina, and I'll make my way out to Chapel Hill to see them. Also notable is the matchup the following week vs. Hopkins at M&T Bank Stadium, but I'll be watching this one at home.

There you have it--happy 2011!