Making Spring Plans

UMBC 2011 men's lacrosse schedule is out. Just weeks ago, I was engaged in an annual tradition: There are usually other schools who release their lacrosse schedules before UMBC, and I spend a bit of time trolling all of them to attempt to piece together UMBC's schedule. It's always great when I get the real thing.

There are a couple of games I find notable, some of which I already knew about. One I hadn't previously discovered is that we'll be playing at Presbyterian down in South Carolina. It would be a doable trip for me, but I'll be in STL at a conference. I believe I mentioned previously that we've got a game at Carolina that I'll certainly head to. And I know I've mentioned the Face-Off Classic vs. Johns Hopkins, but with the full schedule out, I know that what I was hoping for is indeed the case: A full week to gameplan for Hopkins. Other notable out of conference matchups include the annual tilt with the Turtles and a game with former NEC foe Quinnipiac.

While the trip to Baltimore for the Face-Off Classic is entirely doable, I'll miss out. The date for that is March 12, which even falls during Spring Break here at UNCG. But to share a bit of news with the readers: My wife and I are expecting. The due date is March 24, which makes me uncomfortable being a couple states away at a lacrosse game that close. For a blessing such as this, I'll gladly stay home and catch the Dawgs on TV!