And so it begins...

Last spring, we learned of a proposal by seven DCI corps--subsequently referred to as the G7 (or by by this blog as The Undersigned)--to change the face of DCI, including "Tour of Champions" events that would feature these perennial crowd- and judge-favorites. When the coming season's schedule game out not too long ago, I took a look and immediately noticed two things: One, FirstBEAT, Carolina Crown's early season show, was no more, and two, NightBEAT is now a Tour of Champions event, and will feature eight heavy hitters.

My friend, coworker, and fellow drum corps fan Joseph stumbled upon something that at worst is fun to speculate on and at best will make for a helluva show. At the very least, I can lay claim to the "toldyaso" should it come to pass.

We both recall that when the schedule first came out, the location of NightBEAT was listed as Rock Hill Stadium. For the past two years, that show has been held in Rock Hill District 3 Stadium, and an announcement made at least year's show led me to believe that they intended to be longtime tenants there. But upon looking today, we noticed the location was mentioned as Charlotte, NC. True enough, Rock Hill is in the Charlotte metro area, but there's no need to make that change unless something is afoot. And with eight premiere corps coming to town, my sneaking suspicion is that they are trying to make Bank of America Stadium--home of the Carolina Panthers--happen.

True enough, it could be that NightBEAT is moving back to its original home, American Legion Memorial Stadium, also in Charlotte. But all indications are that there is a strong desire to make these Tour of Champions events a huge deal; what better way than to hold them in major stadiums?

In addition to the change on the DCI schedule, I have one more reason to believe that NightBEAT is at least moving across the border: The following day, there is a "TBA, SC" event. If I were a betting man, I'd say that that show remains so that the promise of an event in Rock Hill can be fulfilled. But if my inklings are correct, that show will not be NightBEAT.


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