Where's Brooklyn At?

--or-- My opinion on matters that are none of my damn business

With the New Jersey Nets preparing to make the move to Brooklyn, the prevailing sentiment is that there will be a name change and a rebranding. The internet is abuzz with ideas, and I have a few of my own, despite having no connection whatsoever to the franchise or its current or future home.

If Sacramento didn't already have the nickname, I'd say the obvious name change would be the Brooklyn Kings. This works on multiple levels. The borough of Brooklyn is coterminous with Kings County, and the team could easily use a BK logo--BK being the common abbreviation for Brooklyn--with a crown. Barring that, Brooklyn Knights, which is already used for a minor league soccer team, would work.

But my personal favorite is the Brooklyn Bridgemen. The Brooklyn Bridge is a major landmark of the borough, and the drum corps fan in me appreciates the nod to the Bayonne Bridgemen who, like the team currently known as the Nets, hail from New Jersey.