This and That

This is one of those posts where I touch briefly on a few things I meant to write about but haven't found the time, or that I started but didn't complete.

First of all, those of you who faithfully follow the High Notes series realize I'm a couple of weeks off. Sadly, while I'd love for it to be the case, I can't devote every Saturday to sitting on my ass in front of a screen. Last weekend, it was the Carolina Renaissance Festival with my wife, and due to an event yesterday, the only game I caught was USF-Pitt, and I'm sorry, Herd of Thunder, but from what I heard, you weren't worthy of High Notes recognition this week.

Speaking of the Herd of Thunder, I'd like to go on record as saying that I do NOT like the replacement of the bridge of March Victorious with the First Down cheer.

I was prepared to start this week talking about how I had 3 teams in the NCAA men's soccer tournament. Each of them played Wednesday, however, and only UMBC remains. USF fell to UCF (boo) and UNCG fell at Georgetown. UMBC advanced past Princeton and faces William and Mary in a match to start in about 20 minutes. Let's get 'em, Dawgs!

And finally, basketball season is upon is. I am once again a season ticket holder here at UNCG, so I've seen the Spartans play the Seminoles and the Hokies thus far, both losses.That said, big ups to the Vu lounge at the Coliseum; with two Sunday games in a row, it has allowed me to watch football while I watch the home team in hoops.