Monkeys Off Our Back

I'm sure each USF blogger worth their salt has already hit upon this, but as an alum, I feel the need to hit upon it myself. This year, despite a rocky start that included a homecoming loss to Syracuse, USF managed to get three major monkeys off our back this football season. We first beat Cincinnati; although they are having a down year, they are the defending conference champions and had previously bested four years in a row and five of the last six. The next dragon to slay was, ironically, the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers was a similar thorn in our side, beating us four consecutive times--all but our first matchup--and with a history including such nonsense as "illegal forward propulsion", knocking us from #2, and this mess. And finally, we beat Louisville at their place. Along with Cincy, Louisville is one of our oldest opponents, and in an interesting history, neither of us had gotten an away win in our series until this year, where we got an overtime win in the Pizza Palace. 

The future is bright for the Bulls. The conference championship is still within reach, and barring that, we're bowl-eligible, which could mean Orlando, Birmingham, St. Pete, or my personal selfish hope, Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte.