High Notes, Week 9

High Notes is a weekly topic dedicated to recognizing a collegiate marching band who had a notable performance in the week of college football.

This weekend of football didn't excite me a whole bunch. USF had a bye, and on the pro side of things, both the Eagles and Ravens did as well. That said, what this meant was that I didn't have one game to which I was tied, so I got to get at least a sample of quite a few bands. 

One game kept my attention, not for the football, but for the band, and it is that band that gets my recognition in Week 9. Auburn University's Marching Band was putting in work at an equal or greater rate to their undefeated football. With little exception, SEC bands don't do it much for me, but Auburn just became one of my exceptions. That begs the question: With a high-performing band and an undefeated team, might Auburn put the best combo out on Saturdays?

Programming note: I may miss a Week 10 update as well. My wife and I are traveling up to Slower Lower Delaware for Punkin Chunkin!