High Notes, Week 8

High Notes is a weekly topic dedicated to recognizing a collegiate marching band who had a notable performance in the week of college football.

So here we are in Week 9 and I'm just writing up Week 8's High Notes; it's been a busy week. That said, I already gave a pretty solid sneak preview into who I'm recognizing this week. Both Tennessee's Pride of the Southland and Alabama's Million Dollar Band brought it, but ultimately Bama won the game and the recognition. Their control of the game led to more opportunities for the MDB to shine, and the fact that they were able to wrap things up with a Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer didn't hurt. 

There's also an honorable mention that I came across quite on accident. Last weekend was race weekend at Martinsville, which is about an hour up the road from me. Though my interest in NASCAR is limited, I always pause at least a bit if one of the "local" tracks (Martinsville, Charlotte, or Dover) is featured, and since the race came on right after a game, I caught the opening ceremonies. Imagine my surprise when my "neighbors", the Triad's own Red Sea of Sound from Winston Salem State University, were playing the anthem! Props to them for landing the gig (likely related to WSSU's significant connections in the NASCAR community) and making 65,000 race fans wonder, "where'd all these black folks come from?"