High Notes, Week 6

High Notes is a weekly topic dedicated to recognizing a collegiate marching band who had a notable performance in the week of college football.

I knew coming into this week that I wouldn't see a ton of college football, since I was at a conference, but I was able to sneak in a few peeks and at least come up with a High Note for Week 6.

I suppose I should apologize to the Golden Band from Tigerland (and perhaps the Pride of the Southland as well) for panning them last week. I got to watch a good deal of of the Florida-LSU game and the Tigers were bringing it, even in the home of the Gators. Which makes me wonder: Does ESPN just cover their bands better than CBS does? At any rate, LSU gets this week's recognition.

In mostly unrelated news, one of the games I missed this weekend was USF's homecoming. In which we lost. To Syracuse. Damn. I think we should stop playing teams from NY for homecoming (see also: Army, 2004.) With the West Virginia game looming this Thursday, this is about the time I'd be talking smack to my WVU friends. Fresh off of a loss to Cuse, I'm not sure I feel up to it.

In happier news, I've gotten a few pre-release glimpses in to UMBC's lacrosse schedule for this coming spring. First of all, as I expected, the series with UNC was indeed a home-and-home, which means the Dawgs'll be coming down to Carolina on March 5. But the bigger news is the next week: UMBC will be taking on Johns Hopkins in the Konica-Minolta Face-Off Classic. This is exciting for a couple of reasons. First of all, the stage is none other than the Baltimore Ravens' M&T Bank Stadium, which is exciting in and of itself. But it's also great because we'll be playing Hopkins on a Saturday. While there's no telling if there'll be a midweek game in there beforehand, this at least opens up the possibility that UMBC will play Hopkins on a full week's rest and gameplanning. It's been commonplace for UMBC to play Hopkins--and other local rivals, like Towson--midweek, probably for ease of travel. Herein lies the rub: I don't think I'm being at all disloyal to my alma mater if I admit that historically, Hopkins is better than UMBC. That said, Zimmerman's a helluva coach, and I feel he can overcome talent differentials with the proper prep time. So knowing we'll be playing the Jays on a Saturday makes me feel a good deal better.