What's Your Fantasy?

The NFL regular season starts tonight, and many are watching the Saints play the Vikings. But while some are watching simply because football is back, and others are watching to see those two specific teams. Still others are watching not for the Saints or the Vikings, but for Drew Brees, or Adrian Peterson, or the Saints Defense.

Why? Fantasy football.

Each of the past several years, I've been asked to join at least one fantasy league. And each year, I've respectfully declined. Those who know my love of football are a little surprised that I don't get down with fantasy football. But I don't, and I have a couple of reasons why.

The first is admittedly lazy. At least from the outside looking in, fantasy football seems to be a lot of work. I've had people tell me it's not, but I've seen those same people slaving over crafting their team or agonizing over who to play and who to sit, so I'm not sure I buy that. I like my leisure to be exactly that.

The second, and perhaps more important reason why I don't play fantasy football is that I'm a bit of an absolutist when it comes to my fandom. I root for teams, not individuals, and as such I'm reluctant to put myself in a situation that could cause me to abandon some of my key football values and, say, root against the Eagles or for the Cowboys. Some things just won't happen.