Welcome, Retriever Believers...

I'm going to be potentially presumptuous and re-introduce myself; it's possible that the article in UMBC Magazine about this blog may have fellow UMBC alumni and supporters stopping by. If so, welcome!

I think the article and this blogs intro sum it up pretty well, but to restate, I consider this a sports and band blog. I'm a self-professed band nerd, and as such, I came to follow sports--especially UMBC's squads, particularly the men's and women's basketball programs--as a member of the Down and Dirty Dawg Band.

To be clear, this isn't a UMBC blog. A quick look at my tags, however, will show you that it seems I mention UMBC more than everything but the more general "college" and the sport I talk the most about, football. So yes, I love my Retrievers. My graduate institution, University of South Florida, gets some attention from me as well, as does my current employer, UNCG.  Beyond that, it's sports and band, divided mostly into four seasons: Football (marching band), basketball (pep band), lacrosse, and drum corps.

So if the article brought you by, again, welcome! If you like what you read, I invite you to stick around. Go Dawgs!


Dustin Fisher said…
Hey man. I saw your article in the UMBC magazine today. That's pretty awesome that you got mentioned in the magazine. Are you able ot keep track of how many hits you get and if you got a spike of any sort? Also, I couldn't help but notice that you didn't mention me at all. I suppose that's fair. :)

Anyway, I look forward to reading about our mens soccer team and maybe seeing them in the semi-finals against UNCG. Take it easy.

Dustin, RecSports.
Curtis said…
Thanks for stopping by! I don't have any sort of hit counter, so I don't know of any spike, but the fact that I now have a comment to this entry puts it above about 90% of my other ones.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the tournament brackets shake out, both for UMBC and UNCG's sakes. I'd love to see UMBC get a game down here somewhere, because I don't get to see them nearly enough.

And while you're not mentioned in here, true story: In one of the iterations of NCAA Football (I think on GameCube at the time), I naturally created UMBC. Borrowing from folks I knew via UMBC athletics, I believe I made you head coach.