New Feature: High Notes

I've watched a lot of college football this weekend, as well I should have, and have the Twitter feed right now to prove it. Naturally, I've been paying a lot of attention to the bands I've been seeing/hearing during this time. A thought I just had for a feature for the blog (assuming I keep it up) is to identify a band of note for each week. An early disclaimer is that this won't necessarily be the best band of the week, and it will be limited to bands that I somehow hear each week, which of course limits it to televised games I watch and/or games I attend.

The High Note for college football's opening week goes to the Goin' Band from Raiderland of Texas Tech.  Tech's band caught my attention during the game against SMU when I noticed one of their featured pieces, unapologetically, was C-Murder's Down 4 My Hittas, to use the edited title. It was unexpected, a bit gully, and certainly the sort of crowd-pleasing I like to hear in bands.