High Notes, Week 4

High Notes is a weekly topic dedicated to recognizing a collegiate marching band who had a notable performance in the week of college football.

Once again, my schedule limited my football watching this weekend. It was Homecoming at UNCG, where I work, and my job is heavily involved putting it on, so my Saturday was pretty well spoken for. But while I didn't get to watch much football, I did get to spend time with two marching bands.

Spartan Force is a marching band that has been a student organization at UNCG for quite a few years now. They participated in this year's Homecoming parade, as they have for several years.

But this week's High Notes recognition goes to the new kid on the block: The Bands of Sparta. While Spartan Force is an independent student organization, the Bands of Sparta is the official pep band of UNCG Athletics. And as of this semester, thanks to the purchase of field drums, they are newly mobile! They sounded great, and looked great on the move.

If I may be self-centered for a moment, this reminds me of a very similar situation eight years ago. After the purchase of some field drums in the summer of 2002, we put UMBC's Down and Dirty Dawg Band in motion for the Homecoming parade that year. We also put those field drums to use during basketball season as well, beefing up pep band performances.

This was the first time most of campus got to see the Bands of Sparta on the move, and I think they made a great first impression. I look forward to what they will continue to have to offer.