Missing an Opportunity

When I started using Twitter (@80mins, if you didn't already know) the plan was that it would simply be an extension of this blog; that is, it would be all about sports and marching as well. While it's expanded beyond that, it's really only slightly. If you expand marching to music in general and add food and travel, you probably capture about 95% of my posts. And while I don't intend to expand the scope of this blog, I have been known to talk about food and travel, mostly in the context of sports and marching.

On the travel side of things: As evidenced by my honeymoon, when I travel, I like to see sports sites, especially stadiums and places with significant history. Travel Channel tends to be one of my go-tos when channel surfing, and while I joke that they are often Food Network: Destination, I enjoy their programming. I just noticed something I found strange, however: They don't have any sports-related travel show. Moreover, they don't even have any content of the sort on their website, unless they stumble across a stadium or something on another trip. You know something's wrong when a search on their site for "Fenway" yields no results.

Another spot that yields no results: Dodgertown. While the hallowed Vero Beach grounds are a ghost town now with respect to the Dodgers themselves, the facilities are still in use; in fact, this summer the USF Bulls are adding a little green and gold to the Dodger blue, holding training camp at the complex. But if you wanted to see what you could see down that way, don't go asking the Travel Channel.

So what should they do? While I'm not suggesting they become a sports network, these things within the grander scope of travel would make sense. Want a blueprint? I think that ESPN does their travel portal right.