It has been a Blue Devil kind of year...

Another all-too-short DCI season has come and gone. This year, as last year, the Blue Devils spent the season undefeated and emerged the champions, with the Cavies taking 2nd and Bluecoats taking the bronze, medaling for the first time.

While I'm a Crowniac through and through, once the season began winding down and it seemed the die was cast in terms of who may compete for a championship, I threw support to The Cavaliers. It doesn't hurt that my friend and coworker Joseph is a former marching member, but beyond that, I really connected with their show upon seeing it early in the season at FirstBEAT and knew that if it cleaned up nicely--which it did--it could be a contender. Unfortunately, BD's show was too strong in the eyes of the judges.

I've got nothing against the Blue Devils--in fact, they are the only squad with that name about which I can say that, given my hatred of Duke and Central Connecticut State. In fact, I didn't even see their show until watching semis a few nights ago. Maybe it's my east coast bias, but I just haven't connected with a show of theirs too strongly since the Godfather Part Blue. Even as I enjoyed their Constantly Risking Absurdity, they were up against far too many giants that year.

I was actually more connected with Finals this year than I have been since two years ago when I was actually there. During Thursday's quarterfinals, I was able to follow the action on Twitter via some loyal corps fans I follow; on Friday, I went west to Winston-Salem (Clemmons, technically) where my friend Jim, who has Fan Network plugged in on the big screen in his school's auditorium. And Saturday, DCI was kind to us and broadcast the scores announcements, including some snippets of corps performances.

Truth be told, while shorter, the latter was comparable to what the old ESPN2 broadcast used to show, and it was great that that was available to the masses free of charge. I'm probably beating a dead horse with this opinion, but I believe, and continue to believe that with DCI becoming more accustomed to providing high-quality, live footage, some sort of television deal really needs to come into existence.