Sports. Nation.

I mentioned absence-due-to-marriage in the last post; this most recent hiatus is due to the honeymoon. If this is your primary source of sports and marching news, well, I'm simultaneously flattered and concerned, but rest assured I'm back.

I won't bore you with all of the details of my honeymoon--that's for another time and place--but there are quite a few bits of it that were sports- or marching-related, and thus are appropriate for this blog. The honeymoon was an Alaskan cruise and a cross-country drive. Here's the parts that were appropriate for consumption here:

  • We visited several corps hometowns: We left from Seattle (Cascades [roughly]), spent a night in Casper (Troopers), drove through LaCrosse (Blue Stars), visited Madison (Scouts), spent the night in Rockford (Phantom), drove through Rosemont (Cavaliers) and visited Canton (Bluecoats).
  • I spend a good deal of the trip in my new Crown hat, which has quickly become one of my favorites. Sadly, I didn't catch any comments in any of the corps cities about it.
  • The World Cup was in full swing during the trip; they showed some matches on the big screen on the ship.
  • I actually got some leisure reading in, and what do I read about? College football, of course. I finished It Never Rains in Tiger Stadium, and started in on Dixieland Delight. The latter inspires me to take a trip like that of my own. 
  • Our rental car has XM satellite radio, which gave us, among others, ESPN Radio. I actually, somewhat accidentally, caught the Lebron decision broadcast live.
  • I poked around Camp Randall Stadium while in Madison. One of the highlights was a rock decorated for the 1999 Rose Bowl, which Wisconsin won. Yours truly marched in the parade.
  • In Chicago, we took the tour of Wrigley Field. With my tour of Fenway back in February, I've visited the two oldest parks this year.
  • We did the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend. There is a portion of a field in the back; I marched on it a bit and was pleased that I still retain a decent 8-to-5 all these years later. We also rolled through Notre Dame and saw the stadium and Touchdown Jesus.
  • On to Canton for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Marched on the field at Fawcett Stadium as well (such a dork). 
So there you have it--after a whirlwind tour of a good deal of the US, I'm back. The trip both satiated and stimulated the travel bug, so who knows where I'll be next. Back to your regularly scheduled blog.