Sports Canadians Love

I'm posting on lacrosse and hockey, so I figured that title was apropos.

First of all, as a lacrosse fan and an alum of an America East school, I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't know that Stony Brook's head coach is black. I had wondered to myself early yesterday if there were any black head coaches in D1 men's lacrosse, and answered my own questions with an "of course not"... or so I thought. Watching yesterday's Stony Brook-UVA matchup, I saw Sowell on the sideline and thought surely, he must be an assistant? But I looked it up and was delightfully proven wrong.

Also during yesterday's lacrosse action, Notre Dame defeated the Terps, denying them yet another Final Four. Shortly thereafter, head coach Dave Cottle resigned, leaving the head job in College Park open. I postulated earlier that hopefully UMBC's weak season this year would keep the Terps from sniffing around Catonsville, but Neil informed me that Coach Zimmerman can't stand AD Yow. Probably because they used to sit next to each other in homeroom.

Finally, I'm watching NHL hockey, where the Flyers could conceivably clinch an Eastern conference championship tonight.