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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So... did I miss anything?

I will not obsess over UMBC's new logo.

I will not obsess over UMBC's new logo.
I will not obsess over UMBC's new logo.
I will not obsess over UMBC's new logo.

*ahem* Hello there. Some good things happened this weekend, and I wasn't around to catch any of them. And I'm perfectly okay with that.

This weekend I was up in Baltimore for my bachelor party. And for the pieces that make sense to discuss in this blog, I went to Preakness on Saturday and an O's game on Sunday. In each case, good times were had by all, though the Preakness infield isn't exactly about the horse racing and the O's lost. But there were a couple of interesting things I didn't see, at least not live or televised.

For starters, the Flyers came back from being down 0-3 to beat the Bruins and advance to the Eastern conference finals. Since then, they've gone up 2-0 against the Canadiens. Never do I purport to be a huge Flyers fan or a huge hockey fan in general, but of course I always like to see Philly sports succeed.

But perhaps the bigger shakeups were in college lacrosse. It's no surprise to anyone that Hopkins, who very well could have missed the tournament, was a first round knockout this year, falling to Duke in what was far from the most intriguing matchup but nonetheless televised on the Mothership. A Tierney-less Princeton falling to Notre Dame is maybe a little more incredible. But no one saw two-time defending champs Syracuse falling in the first round to Army. Syracuse can usually back up their lacrosse mantra, "Death, Taxes, and the Final Four," but this year, death and taxes are all that are certain.

Don't get me wrong--I've got no thing against any of the fallen schools. But with their defeat, only Virginia remains of the four schools who have taken every lacrosse championship since 1992. Should both UVA and Carolina fail to win a championship, the sport will crown its first new champion since 1977. It's time for some new blood. 

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